DIY String Art Tutorial (DIY, Video)

When I first came up with the idea of doing DIY string art, I had a grand vision in mind. I created a big string art piece for the premier episode of Holiday Makeover. The holiday was Valentine’s Day, and the star couple of the episode was celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. At first, I had no idea how it would really come together. In the end, I was beyond thrilled with the final result!

DIY string art was not difficult to do, yet it was incredibly time-consuming. My suggestion if you’re going to tackle something like this, start smaller. Maybe try a hand-held board with a single heart in the middle. This video that I recorded with the team from Makeful (the television network that created the original series) shows the full step-by-step tutorial beyond what made it into the final episode of Holiday Makeover.

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Hi, I’m Denise Wild, one of the hosts of the new Makeful original series Holiday Makeover. I’m going to show you how to make DIY string art.

For this project, you’ll need three colours of string, a finished wood board, finishing nails, a hammer, printouts of your design, and tape. So I want to lay out the names in the way that I planned it before and just space everything out and tape it up. Make sure they’re spelled right. Yes, they are.

Next step, the nails. I’m going to use this little tool to score holes in the wood. It will just make it easier once I’m ready to nail. And, basically, what I’m going to do is go around the entire board. Because I need the string to come from the outside in to the center toward the letters, I’m going to do an edge all the way around about half an inch apart and then I’m going to do outlines of these letters.

And just push this in by hand. Just that little tiny bit of scoring will make it so much easier to get the nails in. Scoring is done. Now it’s time to nail. It feels good to use a hammer. But I do want to make sure that the nails go deep enough that the string won’t pull the nail out, but shallow enough that, obviously, they don’t go through the other side. Be patient; this will take a couple hours to complete.

Three, two, and yes!

So the paper is going to come out and then I’ll get to do the fun stuff: the string.

When pulling up the paper, some of the nails may come out as well. If this happens, just hammer them back in.

Alright, now it’s string time. I’ll just tie a knot, and start at the corner and work my way across. Alright, now, let’s go crazy. Have fun with this stuff. There’s no wrong way to do it. Once you’re happy with the first layer of colour, start adding in the others, going from dark to light to create an ombre effect.

So much detail, but so worth it. Once you get to your last nail, tie a knot in the string around it. I’m going to finish this up with one final knot. Once you’re done, step back and admire your new art.

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