Charity T-Shirt Drive, West Africa (Video)

Video caveat: This is another video recorded back in the day (2009!) on my BlackBerry. (It’s crazy to see how much smart-phone video quality has changed!)

What a special trip this was and what an incredible opportunity to make kids smile! We took boxes and suitcases filled with T-shirts and handed them out to elementary school students in a small village outside of Accra, Ghana.

Since this trip, my basement has been filling up with T-shirts as I’ve continued collecting them for another trip. My goal is to bring down at least 1000 the next time I head down. (This school had over 300 kids at the time of this video, and I’d like to take T-shirts to another village as well, so my goal is to have one T-shirt for every kid and faculty member of at least two schools.)

Watch here…


Hi, I’m Denise Wild, and today you’re with us on our first charity mission in Ghana, West Africa.

We’ve come to this small farming village outside of Accra. It’s about three hours away from the capital city. And we’re here to give T-shirts to the local kids.

So we asked our students and our community members to come together and donate new and used T-shirts. And they, in one week, they gave us a hundred and seventy-seven T-shirts. So, thank you very much. We’re here to distribute them.

In these small villages, a lot of kids see T-shirts as having more value than even money. So this is the first of many missions that we’re going to be doing here and we look forward to having you be a part of it. Thank you.

We’re just approaching this school grounds. We’ve got some locals helping us carry all the T-shirts in and we’re just going to give them out until they’re gone.

Now you can hear all the cheering in the background here. They’re excited to get the T-shirts.

{children cheering loudly}

Okay, we’re in one of the classrooms. Now we’re about to distribute T-shirts.

{children cheering loudly}

Alright. So we’ve passed out all the T-shirts. Thank you very much. In their local language, they say, ‘Meda ase.’

So we’re going to say good-bye to all the kids. Meda ase!

All Children:
Meda ase!

{children all respond by waving and loud cheering}

Thank you for all your donations. The kids are thrilled with everything.

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