Adhesive That Holds Patterns To Fabric (Video)

What kind of fabric glue should you use when you can’t use pins?

When it comes to pinning, it can be a challenge, depending on the fabric you’re working with. If you’re working with slippery fabric like silks and linings, or if you have a fabric that pins could leave puncture marks in (hello leather and vinyl), then you might want to consider an alternative to pins for holding your sewing patterns to your fabric. Fabric glue is your best friend here!

202 Spray And Fix temporarily holds paper to fabric, and keeps your paper sewing pattern in place if you’re having issues with it slipping around while cutting or project planning. It’s a great solution when sewing from a pattern with slippery fabrics, delicate fabrics, or fabrics that you can’t pin normally.

Looking for a more permanent fabric glue for embellishments? I’ve got you covered.

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Hey everyone,

This is a product I definitely think you should check out and have in your sewing kit. It’s called 202 Spray And Fix. It is a spray-on temporary adhesive made, specifically, for paper patterns.

So when you are working with a fabric that you don’t want to pin or that you can’t pin, it’s really hard to nail down because the fabric is so slippery and shifty, all you do is you use this spray.

Spray it on your paper pattern. About eight to ten inches away – about twenty-five centimeters away. Then place your paper pattern onto your fabric, smooth it around to make it stay in place.

Then you can cut around your pattern. And you can use your scissors confidently, because the 202 Spray And Fix won’t gum-up your scissors. Once you’re finished cutting, just remove the paper and you can use it again.

This adhesive is fantastic, because it’s colorless; it won’t stain your fabric, it won’t gum-up your scissors as you cut around, and it’s great if you don’t want to put pins in your fabric.

So maybe your fabric is really slippery and it’s hard to pin or it kind of shifts when you’re trying to pin it; you can use this adhesive instead. Or if you have a fabric that you actually cannot pin or that you do not want to put pins through, because maybe it’s going to create holes or it’ll potentially distort your fabric, you can use this. Or maybe you’re doing a project with your kids and you don’t want them to potentially hurt themselves with the pins; you can use this spray adhesive. It’s wonderful and I definitely recommend it.

Check it out at your local sewing supply store and let me know what you think.


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