Leave Your Edges Raw For A Unique Style (Video)

I’m normally a stickler for finishing raw edges. Seriously. Don’t even show me something you’ve sewn if there are any loose threads whatsoever! šŸ˜‰

But the distressed look is everywhere these days, and a stroll through theĀ Wynn EsplanadeĀ serves as evidence. I spotted frayed denim on purses, shoes, and jackets in the ChanelĀ store. The takeaway? There are no absolutesĀ when it comes to design and style. Get creative, and don’t follow all the rules!

Watch here…


Hey everyone,

Iā€™m outside the Chanel store at the shops at the Wynn, and I just wanted to give you a little bit of advice: if you donā€™t feel like finishing your raw edges, you donā€™t have to.

Chanel has used it as a design detail this season. You can leave your raw edges, whether denim or any other fabric; leave them raw, let them distress, shred them, fray them. You can even use a top stitch over a zig-zag as a design detail.

Have fun and play around.

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