Inspect Your Clothes Before You Buy (Video)

As a sewer, I’m super particular about the quality of the clothes I buy, and I’m always inspecting garments from the inside! Pockets, lining, hem, zippers. I think it’s a great practice everyone should adopt when shopping.

Watch here…


Hey everyone,

I’m here in front of Henri Bendel, in the Fashion Show Mall, in the heart of Las Vegas. And I just wanted to give you a bit of a shopping tip for sewers.

When you’re buying something, make sure you check out the fabric care tag to find out how you should be washing and drying your garment when you take it home.

Also check the zipper. Unzip it, close it, open the zipper; make sure it’s not broken.

Check the hem, check the lining, check the pockets; make sure you have no snags, no tears, no holes before you buy.

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